Rev. Brad Peppo

Brad Peppo 2

The foundation of Pastor Brad’s faith was laid in the Christian home in which he was raised. As a young child he was taught the gospel of Jesus Christ by his parents. He professed his faith and was baptized at Community Grace Brethren Church in West Milton, Ohio. Brad continued to be blessed by the ministry of that church through his early years, receiving additional Christian education from Sugar Grove Christian School and, after a few years in the Northmont School system, from Dayton Christian High School, where he graduated in 1993.

Shortly after graduation, the Lord began to build on Brad’s early foundation by giving him a deeper desire to study the Scriptures and an interest in pursuing gospel ministry. He studied at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California before returning home to finish his Bachelor’s degrees in Bible and History at Cedarville College. He also studied Classics at Wright State University. Early in his undergraduate days, God blessed Brad with his wife, Cinnamon. During the last few years of college, the Peppos worshiped as members at Grace Covenant Church in Beavercreek.
Through the course of his studies, Brad was introduced to Reformed Theology and gradually came to see the beauty and the glory of Christ which the Reformed perspective brought out of the Scriptures. Still interested in the ministry, but seeing the need to gain some life-experience, the Peppos moved to the Cincinnati area where Brad taught at Mars Hill Academy. While living in Cincinnati, the Peppos became members of Church of the Covenant (PCA) in Forest Park.  A few years later they moved back to Dayton where Brad earned his Master’s in English from University of Dayton and then his Juris Doctor from University of Dayton School of Law. Back in Dayton, the Peppos became members of Covenant. Brad practiced law for a few years with a small firm and worked as an allied attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund. By this time, God had blessed the family with two children.

Throughout this period, Brad’s desire to pursue the Gospel ministry had been steadily increasing. He became particularly interested in the idea of working to plant OPC churches throughout the Miami Valley. God began to open a door for just this kind of work in 2011, when Covenant’s session began plans for starting a mission work with a core group of families from the Springfield area. Brad was brought on as an intern at Covenant and supported through his distance studies at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Taylors, South Carolina, from which he received his M.A in 2014.

Near the end of 2013, Brad was called by Covenant and ordained as an Evangelist. Through 2014 he engaged in outreach ministry, worked among skeptic and atheist communities in the Dayton area, and lead a study of Reformed theology for the Springfield core group. Early in 2015 that core group was organized into a mission work, Living Water, which began meeting for evening worship. Brad was called by Covenant to serve as Living Water’s organizing pastor. For the last half of 2015, Brad also served as interim pastor for Covenant, which was awaiting the ordination and installation of Pastor Patton. In 2016, Living Water moved to morning worship, and in May of 2017 the mission work became a particular church and called Daniel Doleys as her first permanent pastor.

Since the particularization of Living Water, Pastor Brad has returned to serving as an Evangelist at Covenant, and is presently engaged in developing a core group for a new mission work in western Montgomery County.